“To provide parents and  caregivers in our community the opportunity to give their children fun and stimulating learning and play experiences in an informal environment.”


Who are we?
We are a local community group who get together so that our children can interact and the parents and caregivers can socialise and meet others. We aim to provide a safe, fun and stimulating environment in which pre-school children and their parents/caregivers have fun while assisting with their development. Our funding is supplemented by the Ministry of Education  to help provide equipment and supplies.  We are a Fully Certified Playgroup with the Ministry of Education —11730

Coordination of Activities
We have a group coordinator who sets up the daily activities and welcomes new families.
If you have any ideas or suggestions that would help make playgroup more fun and interesting they would be greatly appreciated.

What We Do? Have fun and socialise! Each week we have a range of activities set out by our group coordinator, such as play dough, art, puzzles, books, dress-ups, toys etc. We have a great outside play area, with climbing frame, slide and playhouse, and a large covered deck for outside play in winter and summer.

When do we meet? The playgroup meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9.15am to 11.30am (Parent or Caregiver must attend with child/ren, group only runs during school terms)

How much?
First session is free – then it’s $2 per session per family.
Concession cards are available – 10 sessions for $20 and 11th session free
Please ensure when you attend that you fill out an enrolment form, our group coordinator will help you with this this. These forms are for our records and for funding purposes.

Contact Email: piscesplaygroup@glenedencommunityhouse.co.nz

or phone 818 2194



Morning tea
Please bring a small snack for  morning tea for your child/ren suggestions fruit, chips, biscuits etc.  Tea, coffee and hot chocolate are provided for  parents/ caregivers.

Messy Play
Children love getting wet and messy. We recommend old clothes be worn, and that you bring a change of clothes for children to change afterwards.

Special Occasions
If your child has a birthday we all like to celebrate these, so we encourage parents to bring along a cake to share with the other children and if you let us know two weeks before hand we can organize a shared morning tea.

Health and safety
Please provide your child with a hat and sun block in summer (Playgroup has sun block if you have forgotten)
There is a nappy changing area with a nappy bin provided for your disposable of nappies.
All parents are asked to take their place in  supervising all children in the inside/outside play areas.

Allergy: Please be aware that some children have allergies to certain types of food -such as nuts, dairy and eggs – so please do not offer other children food unless you first check with the parent/caregiver

Behavioral Boundaries Policy
It is the policy of this programme to provide clear guidelines as to what behaviour is expected from children,  parents/caregivers while attending the playgroup. These  guidelines are displayed each session. Please speak to the supervisor if you need any clarification on these guidelines.

Other Information:
The playgroup is administered by the Glen Eden Community House
We would really appreciate your help each    session – whatever you can manage. Here are some ways you can help…
Arrive a bit early to help set up tables etc.
Clear and wipe down tables after morning tea
Help clean up at the end – toys in correct    boxes, vacuuming, clean toilets, kitchen, sweep floor, wipe down tables and toys etc.


Term Dates

Term 1 2024: Starts Wednesday 31st January

Term 2 2024: Starts Monday 29th April

Term 3 2024: Starts Monday 22nd July

Term 4 2024: Starts Monday 14th October